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If you are looking for:

  • Having a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT – Jon Beaman. I will be the main point of contact for all clients.
  • We charge reasonable fees to encourage TRUE RESIDENT RETENTION.
  • We provide TRUE VENDOR INVOICING and apply a flat $25 fee per work order, REFLECTING PURE TRANSPARENCY.
  • We facilitate ACTUAL IN-PERSON SHOWINGS following a thorough background and rental screening, ensuring quality residents are placed.
  • We ONLY SERVICE TARRANT & PARKER COUNTIES to keep service levels at a high
  • We provide top-notch management software called RENTVINE, tracking all your documents and accounting, providing you with real-time access via owner and resident portals.
  • LIMITED CLIENT SLOTS only servicing 200 doors to maintain superior service standard

Traverse Property Management’s foundation
is set on the 3 T’s:

transparency – trust – tradition

I believe that bringing integrity to this industry and truly servicing the needs of owners and residents, and not creating profit centers within the many areas of this business keeps residents happier and longer, increasing returns for owners while providing a fully transparent service in the care and management of your asset.

How is Traverse different?

  • Technology: Best-in-class management software, utilizing Rentvine. Providing detailed owner/resident portals allows you to access all pertaining documents, statements, notes, and additional communication options.
  • Personal Touch: Moving away from the “big box” feel of huge chain management companies, TPM has a boutique feel and service level. When you call, we will answer. We only service Tarrant & Parker Counties allowing us to maintain a real presence with your property and having local vendors we engage daily. The vendors give us discounted pricing due to our long partnerships and we carry those savings over to our valued clients.
  • Clear Pricing: We have a fee structure that is performance-driven. If we ask for a rent reduction, we also take the fee reduction. Our management fees are based on the CMA Rent Value.

Leasing/Management fees correlate with rent value:
Rent Rate to TPM Fee Rate

  • $1,399 or below is a flat monthly management fee being $120 and a 100% Lease Fee
  • $1,400 – $1,999 is 8% of the monthly rent and a 75% Lease Fee
  • $2,000 and up is 7% of the monthly rent and a 70% Lease Fee
  • Lease Only Service is 100% of the first month’s rent.
  • The Lease Renewal Fee is $150 for each renewed lease agreement.
  • $25 per work order completed.
  • $300 Termination Fee

Lease Only service is 100% of the first-months rent.

We handle EVERY aspect in the leasing cycle.

The Broker and founder of Traverse Property Management is a native of Fort Worthian, and we know this market through proven experience and living in the community.

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